Our Services

Doggie Daycare

10,000 + sq ft of indoor matted play area

Outdoor courtyard for each play group with 6ft fence

Play groups for both small, medium and large dogs

Each play group equipped with public webcams

Overnight Boarding

5x5 or 5x10 kennel runs

Suites with bed, tv and night vision webcam

Cabins for small dogs

Soothing music is played at bedtime for your dog's relaxation

Daycare is included


We offer complete bathing services by Mindi Bon. Mindi has 10 years of grooming experience. A bath includes brush out, blow dry, ear cleaning and nail trim. Anal glands and teeth brushing are also available for an extra fee.


Reiki is one of many modalities of healing which takes the energy of the universe and channels it through the practitioner, who combines it with the energy of the patient to create change and flow, healing both physical and emotional traumas in the body. The results of using Reiki with animals are usually more immediate than with humans because of their lack of ego based blocks to their own healing.

Reiki has many benefits such as:

  • Accelerates the healing process from surgery, illness or injury
  • Heals emotional issues such as nervousness, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, or fear
  • Releases the emotional scars of past traumas such as abuse or neglect

Barbara, our practitioner, is in practice as an Intuitive Counselor combining years of training and experience in intuitive work with a background in clinical psychology. She is trained to the Master's level in Reiki.

Kong Service

For an extra special treat for your dog allow us to provide nightly kong service. We will provide a kong filled with peanut butter for endless hours of yummy fun for your dog.

Individual Play Time

One of our camp counselors will give your dog individual attention, doing the activity your dog likes most such as... a city walk, playing fetch or pets and snuggles.




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